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Naga Anja Rubik walczy z plastikiem (3)

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Anja Rubik (anja_rubik / 12.08.2019): A plastic bag can kill numerous animals because they take so long to disintegrate. An animal that dies from the bag will decompose and the bag will still be intact and will be released, another animal could harmlessly fall victim and once again eat the same bag. It can take anything between 20-1000 years for a plastic bag to break up. I mean break up as they break up into smaller pieces that release toxic chemicals. Avoid using PLASTIC BAGS! Plastic in the image came from a beach clean up that day. PH. @vavaribeiro #plasticpollution #oceanplasticpollution #oceans" Supplied by to face
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Anja Rubik (anja_rubik / 11.08.2019): The fossil fuel industry plans to increase plastic production by 40% over the next 10 years. These oil giants are rapidly building petrochemical plants across the United States to turn fracked gas into plastic. This means more toxic air pollution and plastic in our oceans. Fossil fuel companies have invested more than $180 billion into building plastic production facilities over the last seven years, according to the Guardian. In the last 65 years estimated 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic were created To get a sense of the size of that, 8.3 metric tons is equivalent to: * 822,000 Eiffel Towers * 25,000 Empire State Buildings * 80 million blue whales * 1 billion elephants The report estimated that 6.3 million metric tons of plastic out of the 8.3 has been thrown out, 9% of this waste has been recycled and 12% incinerated. So 5 billion metric tons of plastic are scattered across the world, clogging coastlines, creating huge gyres in the oceans, piling up along streets and in landfills, killing wildlife. VOTE FOR PEOPLE THAT CARE FOR OUR Plastic bag in the images collected during a beach clean up. PH. @vavaribeiro #plasticpollution #pollution #oceanplasticpollution #oceans" Supplied by to face
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Anja Rubik (anja_rubik / 09.08.2019): Its summer, you are on the beach, you see a plastic bottle, bag, any plastic element or some sort of trash, maybe a cigarette bud PICK IT UP !! The pieces you do pick up wont kill an ANIMAL and cant break up further into micro plastics! For the cynics - yes this will not solve the plastic ocean pollution problem - BUT - better than doing nothing and could save an animals life! It will also change the way we perceive plastic trash and impact others ! Take pictures of the trash that you see on beaches and that you have collected! Post it! Show the world you care !!!! All plastics used in the images have been collected same day as part of a beach clean up! #parley #plasticpollution #oceans PH @vavaribeiro" Supplied by to face
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