A close up of Sarah's face showing her unibrow. MEET THE WOMAN who SCARED MEN AWAY with her UNIBROW, until it got her a MODELLING GIG ? and now her DMS are full of men ASKING HER OUT. Freelance makeup artist and model, Sarah Marie Clarke (18) from Copenhagen, Denmark, used to pluck her eyebrows at least once a week, despite her mum encouraging her to let it grow. She had also thought about letting it grow for years before she decided to do it in March 2019. However, when she told her friends this is what she was planning, they were sceptical and men she dated would discourage her from letting her eyebrows grow, insisting that she would look ?weird?. Despite the many people that were against the idea, she did it anyway and felt like she looked more beautiful with a unibrow. She decided to post pictures of her journey on Instagram and over time she was inundated with requests from modelling photographers to do photoshoots with her, as well as requests from men with a fetish. She has received messages from men who would do ?anything? to meet her and to date her. She is now on a mission to normalise this look to reduce the amount of judgements from strangers and is encouraging women to try it out. MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke
MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke/Media Drum/East News
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MDWfeatures / Sarah Marie Clarke
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