GUADAELUPE: Shark grin. A BRITISH photographer has spoken out about getting up close and personal with great white sharks - even building a ???connection??? with ocean???s apex predators. Exhilarating photos include an epic close up with a sunset glinting off a great white???s imposing black eye; a shark ???grin??? as it???s just inches away from the unflappable underwater photographer???s lens; and a huge shark showing off its fearsome array of razor-sharp teeth. The exceptional images were captured by Euan Rannachan (34), a London-born photographer who now lives in California, who has spent much of 2019 getting intimate with massive sharks off the coast of Guadalupe Island, the westernmost point of Mexico. Mediadrumimages/EuanRannachan
Mediadrumimages/EuanRannachan/Media Drum/East News
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