November 20, 2019, Kolkata, West Bengal, India: The walls of Eden garden cricket ground was painted with various grafiti art depiciting various stage of a cricketers life,starting from his early days as a boy playing cricket at his alley,to finally stepping into the blue jersey to play for India..The wallart was painted to commemorate the first pink ball test that is about to be played in Eden gardens ground between India and Bangladesh..The wall art was sanctioned by Cricket association of Bengal and created by a team of artist of Indian art college under the guidance of Sabyasachi Chatterjee and Sayan Mukherjee and sanctioned art agency Creocraft Venture private limited. (Credit Image: ?z? Debarchan Chatterjee/ZUMA Wire) Pictured: GV,General View World Rights, No Argentina Rights, No Belgium Rights, No China Rights, No Czechia Rights, No Finland Rights, No Hungary Rights, No Japan Rights, No Mexico Rights, No Netherlands Rights, No Norway Rights, No Peru Rights, No Portugal Rights, No Slovenia Rights, No Sweden Rights, No Switzerland Rights, No Taiwan Rights, No United Kingdom Rights
Zuma / SplashNews.com/East News
Zuma / SplashNews.com
51cm x 34cm przy 300dpi