The north eastern Indian state of Bihar is one of the worst affected places in the world for cataract blindness. Over half a million people in Bihar are blind. Cataract blindness is curable. Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital are one of very few hospitals in Bihar curing the blind for free. They currently cure over 100 blind patients every day, completely free of charge. AJEH are committed to The World Health Organisation's goal of eradicating curable blindness worldwide by the year 2020. For this to be a reality in India it is a race against time. The Savitri Waney Charitable Trust support the work of AJEH by subsidising cataract surgeries. Pictured: Ramdehi Rai aged 60 in the recovery ward 24 hours after receiving cataract surgery at AJEH. ? Sophie Gerrard / eyevine
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