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Brigitte 9/2017 - 14.04.2017 (58)

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! EN_01259034_0062 PIC
Feigensenf-Panna-cotta mit Salat, Fig-mustard-panna-cotta with salad
! EN_01259034_0063 PIC
K?fte mit M?hren-Porree-Gemuse und Kefir-Dressing, Meatballs with carrot-leek-vegetable and kefir-dressing
! EN_01259034_0064 PIC
Ricotta-Gemuse-Auflauf, Ricotta and vegetable bake
! EN_01259034_0065 PIC
Kleine Fruhlingsburger mit Barlauchbutter, Small spring burger with bear garlic butter
! EN_01259034_0066 PIC
Minestrone von Fruhingsgemuse, Minestrone of spring vegetables
! EN_01259034_0067 PIC
Gebratenes Schollenfilet mit Mairubchen und Dill-Kartoffeln, Fried fillet of plaice with beet and dill potato
! EN_01259034_0068 PIC
Reisblatter mit Gemusefullung und Cashew-So?e, Rice leaves with vegetable filling and cashew sauce
! EN_01259034_0069 PIC
Pikante Arme Ritter mit Melone und Salat, Spicy eggy breads with melon and salad
! EN_01259034_0070 PIC
Erdbeer-Biskuitrolle, Strawberry biscuit roll
! EN_01259034_0071 PIC
Picture with blue paint
! EN_01259034_0072 PIC
Butterfly made of paper
! EN_01259034_0073 PIC
Dragon-fly made of bast
! EN_01259034_0074 PIC
Step 2, Sonntagsbroetchen, Step 2, Sunday Rolls
! EN_01259034_0075 PIC
Step 1, Sonntagsbroetchen, Step 1, Sunday Rolls
! EN_01259034_0076 PIC
Wildreis mit Thunfisch und Pimientos, Wild Rice with Tuna and Piminientos
! EN_01259034_0077 PIC
Champignon-Fenchel-Paeckchen, Button Mushrooms with Fennel
! EN_01259034_0078 PIC
Kaffee-Mascarpone-Creme mit Aprikosen, Coffee Mascarpone Mousse with Apricots
! EN_01259034_0079 PIC
Carpaccio mit Tahini-Dressing, Carpaccio with Tahini Dressing
! EN_01259034_0080 PIC
Spargel vom Blech mit gruener Sosse, Asparagus with green Sauce
! EN_01259034_0081 PIC
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