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ENF_00005213 SPH
A group of cats showing off their World Cup...
ENF_00004910 SPH
Giant footprints found in the sand on Santa...
ENF_00004839 SPH
A California Black Bear is tranquilized and...
ENF_00004790 SPH
Fearless four legged surfers took to the waves...
ENF_00004787 SPH
SNTV - Surf's up doggy style
ENF_00004769 SPH
A swimming pool appears to boil under the force...
ENF_00004077 SPH
SNTV - Truck drags car down highway
ENF_00003938 SPH
SNTV - Divers save shark's life
ENF_00003677 SPH
SNTV - The smiling dog


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