Monday, September 23, 2019
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Przed wybuchem II wojny światowej (4)

EN_01200274_1520 AP
One of the tank defense guns, so called infantry guns, during maneuvers near Schwechat, Austria, on Feb. 17, 1936. (AP Photo)
EN_01216426_1880 AP
King Victor Emmanuel and Signor Mussolini in foreground with members of the government and fascist party leaving the unknown soldiers war memorial after a wreath laying ceremony in Rome on January 8, 1936. (AP Photo)
EN_01214112_1928 AP
Signor Mussolini receiving offerings from women when he made his speech in Pontinia, Italy, on Dec. 18, 1935. Hundreds of thousands of Italian women took part in Wedding Ring Day - gave up their gold and precious wedding rings and received steel rings in exchange to help Italy's fight against sanctions. (AP Photo)
EN_01222667_1846 AP
Heavily armored Greek government tanks are drawn up on a street in Athens, Greece, in readiness for fresh outbreaks by rebels, March 1, 1935. The rebels have fought a number of desperate engagements with land and sea federal forces recently. (AP Photo)
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