Friday, December 14, 2018
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ENF_00012908 SCI
Cosmonaut Pavel Popovich
ENF_00012404 SCI
W H Bragg giving the 1961 Xmas Lecture
ENF_00012299 SCI
Newton's Opticks with spectrum
ENF_00012190 SCI
Messier's room to galaxy M74
ENF_00011997 SCI
Lavoisier's experiment on air, 1776
ENF_00011996 SCI
The Galvanis experimenting on frogs
ENF_00011995 SCI
Leonardo da Vinci, Italian artist
ENF_00011994 SCI
Johannes Kepler and Tycho Brahe
ENF_00011993 SCI
Bell's first long-distance telephone call
ENF_00011992 SCI
Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish astronomer
ENF_00011991 SCI
Galileo using a telescope
ENF_00011990 SCI
Newton's optics
ENF_00011840 SCI
Leonardo da Vinci's glider
ENF_00011468 SCI
Cosmonauts Popovich and Nikolayev
ENF_00011467 SCI
Launch of Vostok 4
ENF_00011466 SCI
Cosmonauts Popovich and Nikolayev
ENF_00011465 SCI
Cosmonauts Popovich and Nikolayev
ENF_00011464 SCI
Cosmonaut Pavel Popovich
ENF_00011463 SCI
Cosmonaut training
ENF_00011462 SCI
Gagarin's spaceflight training


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