Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Polska: Krakow - demonstracja przeciwnikow...
ENF_00069753 NZU
UK: Syrians and supporters march for Aleppo in...
ENF_00069696 NZU
France: Rally in solidarity with Aleppo in Lyon
ENF_00069694 NZU
London: Thousands march for Aleppo
ENF_00069684 NZU
France: Solidarity rally with the people of...
ENF_00069587 NZU
UK: Claire Blackman leaves Royal Courts of Justice
ENF_00069578 NZU
North Carolina: Voters protest at state...
ENF_00069416 NZU
Canada: Demonstration against Russia for its...
ENF_00069400 NZU
London: Chagos islanders protest at Downing street
ENF_00069395 NZU
UK: Animals enjoy Christmas gifts at ZSL London...
ENF_00069385 NZU
New York: Heavy snow comes to Buffalo
ENF_00069380 NZU
Paris: VTC drivers protest at Porte Maillot
ENF_00069246 NZU
New York: Big fire breaks out at NYU Langone...
ENF_00069199 NZU
New York: Major fire at NYU Langone Medical Center
ENF_00069195 NZU
Brazil: Austerity protesters march in Sao Paulo
ENF_00069185 NZU
Greece: Health workers demonstrate in Athens
ENF_00069176 NZU
France: Preschool staff protest in Paris
ENF_00069064 NZU
French police officers hold new demonstration...
ENF_00068834 NZU
Pennsylvania: German Christmas market in...
ENF_00068665 NZU
Egypt: Explosion at Cairo's Coptic Cathedral...
ENF_00068663 NZU
London: Kurdish march in solidarity with...
ENF_00068662 NZU
Paris: Ephemeral shelter for homeless animals...
ENF_00068657 NZU
Egypt: Protest after Cairo church bombing that...
ENF_00068656 NZU
Taiwan: Massive rally in support of marriage...
ENF_00068650 NZU
Greece: Pakistani Muslims in Athens celebrate...
ENF_00068643 NZU
London: Hundreds dress up for the annual SantaCon
ENF_00068492 NZU
France: People protest at Eiffel Tower in...
ENF_00068487 NZU
Brazil: Women march for legalization of...
ENF_00068177 NZU
London: Michael Jackson tribute show at...
ENF_00068173 NZU
New York City: Fans remember John Lennon at...
ENF_00068123 NZU
Greece: Anti-austerity rally held in Thessaloniki
ENF_00067994 NZU
Texas: Students at Texas A&M protest against...
ENF_00067990 NZU
Texas: Protesters gather against white...
ENF_00067948 NZU
Texas: Hundreds protest white supremacist...
ENF_00067773 NZU
California: Candlelight vigil for Ghost Ship...


345... from 90